The Friendly Equation

Friend: name given to a partner in joy, accomplice in crime and aide in trouble. These wonderful creatures make life as a social being much pleasant and rewarding. You 'd dread to imagine any social scenario without friends: be it school, college, a workplace, the gym or a party..

Over the years I've been trying to understand the whole mechanism of friendship, of the imaginary 'click' and the 'will be there for you'. Foremost comes the bonding: similar interests do the trick! You go like 'hey this dude/dudette eats/watches/reads the same stuff as me!we'll get on great!'..
Or, in less fortunate cases, it may just be 'bonded by chance': like it or not, that chick is gonna be in your room for the year, better work on it!
That's about what makes it tick. Now to what keeps it on track.

Suppose that link connecting you breaks: the interests are not so common anymore, the obligation to stay/work/study together is no more there, what then?
Well its obvious most of the time we just accept the change and move on, afterall there's no shortage of potential friend material out there! Convenience is comfort. The 'will be there' becomes 'will try' and eventually just a question of 'will see'. Its baffling, isn't it?For once you would have dreamt your whole life with your friends right there with you, taking life as it comes. And then, that one thread snaps, and you tell yourself 'you've grown and the dreams have changed..'. Or something.
I have, countless many times.

But there's this one thing that immortalizes your friendship: the emotional bond. Its when you and your friend share the same ideals, the same principles, the things that make you. Its when, deep inside, there's respect and love for the other, an understanding and acceptance of the latter's nature and behavior. This is what, when you meet your friend after ages, makes you carry on from where you'd left it, effortlessly. That which gives your friend the ability to gauge your disdain behind the neutral smile,to think your thoughts with you, to communicate without speaking..

Its a lot like love. Platonic. Unconditional.

And you're lucky to have it :)