Ignorance is Bliss

4 Nov, 2013

Sometimes in our lives we defy logic. We act exactly contrary to the rationality a situation demands. You are lonely and scared, but you fill your life with meaningless relationships and emotional detachment. Why? Does it solve any purpose? Maybe denying the existence of a problem works in completely wiping it out of a system. It's like saying, there is no cancer and I will not die. Then there won't be any need for painful therapy. Because, you see, you're dying anyway.

Ignorance is bliss. Don't you see?

A cold winter morning

I could not have known
Winter would find me longing
For the sight of you again

Fragments of me you owned
Laden with warmth of my affection

Needed by me they are now
In this distraught desolation

To ask for them, I dare not
For seeing you will be hard
But reclaiming remnants of what was, me
Harder still


It's hard to be sane when nothing is the same.
But tomorrow may not necessarily be darker than today.
Keep it together.
Keep your head high.
And Smile.
It won't solve any of your problems, but, it will make the battle easier.

Medha Kapoor