Never have I ever

Its a new year and everywhere around me people are making lists and resolutions. For some, its about things to get done this year, or a list of goals, for others its a to-NOT-do list. But since I'm the kind of person who doesn't believe in goody-goody goals or holds regrets, I made a whole different kinda list for myself. I went up to the terrace, on a thankfully sunny afternoon, gazed into the green fields, and searched my soul for the things that I have never ever done and will (or will not) do someday. Its crazy,and it makes me happy.

Here goes :
1.Board a random train.
2.Perform on a stage, with a real band. And real audience.
3.Dance wild, all night. Rooftop preferred.
4.Join a parade. St. Patrick's day, LGBT, anything..
5.Fight. Beat the hell out of someone.
6.Make a mini movie. Camera, I love you.
7.Cook a grand (and hopefully delicious) meal.
8.Color my hair purple. Or red.
9.Take my dog swimming.
10.Solve a mystery (am I getting too wishful here?).
11.Weigh a hundred pounds (over-the-top-wishful).
12.Design a dress.
13.Drive on the highway. Full speed. Loud Music.
14.Stand up for a friend, for a cause.
15.Watch a comet.
16.Get a tattoo(s).
17.Dive. Always been too scared for that.
18.Gamble. Moolah baby.

There are a few more, but they just won't make it online.:P