Shopping Girl has a Lucky Outing :D

I love freebies and I love shopping. Combining the two of them:pure bliss!Which is why, the twenty fourth of this month proved to be a lucky, lucky day.
It was a bright sunny saturday morning, the ones with the bluest of skies, chirping birds and cool breeze. And ofcourse, everything had to look so beautiful and rosy because it was shopping day!
Suited and booted, we departed to the nearest mall with all the excitement of squeaky teenagers, located our favourite store and started the task.
A fresh batch of Indian-wear had arrived and we had all the choice in the world.
The two of us picked up kurtas of all possible textures, colours, styles and materials and hit the trial room. Satiated with our choices, it was time to try out the western section. I wasn't very impressed by their tees and tops, but one particular tee caught my fancy: white, long and funky.It was six hundred rupees, but what the hell. Even Nidhi chose a similar one in bright red. After spending close to an hour in an out of the trial rooms,we took our spoil to the billing counter.
That was where we heard the good news:shop for over two thousand on BrandX merchandise and get four hundred bucks worth of free accessories. Quickly looking over our choices, we discovered that we did indeed fulfilled the requirements and we selected bangles to take home free. But the salesman squashed all our hopes announcing that the fancy tees we'd brought over were not BrandX, but BrandY. Alas alas, we got ready to just pay the required amount and leave. The guy however, came up with a helpful scheme, he added up the total of all our BrandX-bought items and informed us that we need only spend 14 bucks more to avail the offer. And so we set out again, looking for that smallest item and also choosing the accessories. Midway through it, we decided that it'd be better to just buy another piece of clothing than to spend money on useless accessories. Back to the ethnic-wear, over to footwear, then western,and even the guys' section,but no luck! Dejected, we walked back, bought a miscellaneous hair band to fill in for the fourteen bucks and then selected earrings and bracelets worth four hundred. Back to the billing counter, the staff had changed, our bill was still stationary at nineteen eighty six, and moved to two thousand sixty five on adding the band. Both of us paid a little more than a thousand rupees and redeemed the gift voucher.
Walking out the store, we burst out into laughter and celebrations: we'd just walked away with free stuff worth rupees sixteen hundred. Do the math.:) Ah!

The Idea I fell in love with

'In our lives, we owe it to ourselves to follow what we feel is right for us. Put singularly, you owe it to yourself to follow your true gut feelings and instincts. You know what's right, you know what's wrong. Don't ever follow preconceived notions that others may lead you to believe. If the actions in everyday life feel uncomfortable or forced, maybe you should step back and reevaluate your decisions. Do what you would do, not someone else. Live for you, live to be happy and good to your family and friends. If you have gotten away from instinct and logic, get back to things that make sense. Do the right thing; it makes life so much better and so much easier.'
- Matt Hardy