Letting Go

How do you deal with pain, misery, being unsatisfied, not being able to get what you want?
One is acceptance. The worse has happened, accept it, let it go. Then there are those who find it better to repress it. Repress the anger, repress the pain, the guilt, whatever load there is that's weighing you down. But repression is always temporary, it can never be a permanent solution. The skeletons are going to tumble out of the closet some day.
Acceptance may be permanent, if you are strong enough. The point is, the mind is such an untamable object. Thoughts just run haywire. But at the same time, it is very mouldable. You can hold on to whatever you think is important, without questioning your decision. But a point comes when it starts to choke you. That is the time to re-evaluate your choice. Do you really need to hold on to things that you know will bring you pain? The rational answer is obviously no. But, still you do it. That self-destructive, self-pitying streak in you, it is unrelenting. Bittersweet.
But when you do overcome that, you wonder what made you hold on to something so meaningless in the first place. Because the thing about life is, whether you like it or not, it goes on. And you will have to move with the current. Stagnation is impossible: it is against the very fabric of the elements the universe has been moulded in. It is against our nature. Holding on will only cause misery. 
The present will always be the thing that matters the most. 


  1. And posts like these make me come visit your blog, again and again and yet again. You have an amazing connect with the reality. The usage of 'Bittersweet' is perfect.

  2. Thank you for the appreciation and also for pointing out the issue with the template. I'll look into it.

  3. nice post :)
    indeed life must go on
    its better to let go things dat hurts u :)

  4. Life has no rewind button. Thanks :)

  5. That's a very mature post, Medha! As in the previous comment by you, Life has no rewind button - so it is best to stop pressing 'Replay' on all the negative happenings of your life :)

  6. Thank you :)I do have some sensible moments amidst all the chaos.

  7. Deeply thoughtful post. Did not know you were so philosophical.

  8. Thank you and welcome to my blog :)

  9. The last line sums it up very well :D

  10. This is my favourite genre, philosophy and i love reading such thoughts, you never know where you might tumble on a line which might become your life mantra.
    There are a lot of ways of getting over and letting go, and confessing here i always find talking about it to my closest untill i see the reality from different perspective works best for me.
    It takes a lot to delve in your inner soul and come up with such heartfelt expressions.

    1. Thank you so much Asteria for reading and sharing your view. You know, sometimes, I find it easier to let go when I've expressed myself: in words or talk or music. :)


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