Just a thought...

Just a thought...


It's so easy to get yourself in a foul mood.
You know your triggers far too well.
Compulsive behavior.
The need to find yourself in a state of melancholy is as addictive as the need for a high.

But all it takes is a little push to get out of it. One stern no to yourself.

Because, in the end, you outgrow the damage.
You evolve.


  1. its easy to get yourself in a foul mood and easier to keep one self in a happy mood till the last breath... triggers are self made .. if rightly used triggers can be used to be happy and happier !!
    Genuinely expressed emotions touch hearts !! it did !! Nice read !!

    * plz change the font colour and make it brighter .. i had a hard time reading and so may others ... and creativity should not hide due to font colour disorder !! :D i am first timer ... on you blog !!! can expect me frequenting you everytime you post on Indi!! HapPy BlOggInG!! :)

    1. Hey there,
      Thank you so much for the visit and the promise :)
      I will rectify the color issue asap.
      Happy Blogging to you too :D

  2. Back in first year of college, I had this senior who I have come to adore ever since. He told me exactly the same thing :) Only, he suggested that true courage is being able to say No to those you love as well. 7 years down the line it all makes so much sense.

    Last year I was going through this novel "cloud atlas" and David Mitchell almost meant the same thing ( imagine someone as resolute as Aamir Khan saying it) " I will not be subjected to criminal abuse". Echoes the emotion, doesn't it? Maybe even the step after saying No :)

    You should write more often...

    1. Saying No is just so difficult. Especially to the ones you love. And sometimes even to the ones who hurt you.
      Courage is an acquired virtue.

      Thanks for reading and commenting :)


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