We're furry,We're fluffy,
When we see you we go woof-ey,
But we have the brains to keep you on your wit's end!

(to the looney toons tune)

SmartAssDogAntic #5

Dogs love science.
I was filling up my bucket for a bath when Carey came in, wagging her tail in the up-
for-mischief mode,observed the water running and the mug rising for a minute..and just 
when the bucket filled up, scooped the mug from the surface and bolted off.


SmartAssDogAntic #4

Some dogs always want to play!
So annoying when you are busy doing something working out!
The other day i was on the treadmill when Carey thought she'd be a little less persistent on her fetch-game and make use of the machine instead.
Place your toy on one end of the track and whoosh it goes to the other end!
:D fetch fetch fetch!


SmartAssDogAntic #3

When our indoors have been suitably destroyed for the day, we try coaxing Carey out with 
a snack or a treat and lock her in the verandah for some peace time.
Worked well until she learnt to act.
She'd go outside, wagging her tail for the treat and the moment one places it into her 
bowl, about-turn and back in the house!

Who said you can't both have the cake and eat it too?

SmartAssDogAntic #2

A ball is treasure.

Once when I was away, Carey got a ball from someone. But it was useless, since there was 
no one to play with.
For seven complete days, she kept the ball hidden and safe in a corner.
As soon as i returned, she guided me to the place to reclaim her treasure.:)

SmartAssDogAntic #1

This dog plays hide and seek.Enough said.

*Never piss a dog off,they'll retaliate by pissing on your favorite couch*

A la claire fontaine

(OST: The Painted Veil )

At the clear fountain,
While I was strolling by,
I found the water so nice
That I went in to bathe.
So long I've been loving you,
I will never forget you.

Under an oak tree,
I dried myself.
On the highest branch,
A nightingale was singing.
Sing, nightingale, sing,
Your heart is so happy,
Your heart feels like laughing,
Mine feels like weeping.
I lost my beloved,
Without deserving it,
For a bunch of roses,
That I denied her.
I wanted the rose
To be still on the bush,
And my sweet beloved
To be still loving me.

Blood And Bone

Blood and bone
Its only blood and bone
The ghost rises in my head
Says sonny,i think you're dead
But its only blood and bones
Fingers so numb i can't feel a thing
somewhere,someplace so white
in my eyes
I hear bells ring
Funeral rhyme
I smell night
Ghost in my head
Says sonny you're good as dead
Does it matter still?
Only blood and bones
Take a peaceful passing
not the way i wanted
grounded with a bullet in my head
Will never see their faces
But will they see the sin?
No time for waiting
Ghost in my head screams death
Blood and bones
Only blood and bones in the end

Who are we?
We find that we live on an insignificant planet of a humdrum star lost in a galaxy tucked away in some forgotten corner of a universe in which there are far more galaxies than people.
-carl sagan

As the sun goes down

As the sun goes down for another day
An empty twilight mutely questions me
Stillness,Silence and the Painted sky:I'm burning,yearning to find answers
But scared of finality
The night will come and pass 
With my mind dwelling in every possible universe
A sparse moon and stars unmarked
and my solitary confinement-an evil of necessity or of a resolute irrationality;
shall weigh down the atmosphere with the load of my choices