Falling ill is harsher on the mind than on the body, me feels. The drowsy numbness, your thoughts twisting and whirling around in your cerebral matter and your inability to attack even one of them..
Lying in hopeless passivity with sunken red eyes and an anger at the phlegm plaguing your breathing.
Hate feeling useless.
Mostly, I go into denial- if I can trick my mind into believing that I'm not sick, maybe I could trick my body too. The struggles continue till the last vestige of energy is given up and I surrender to medicine and sleep.


  1. yup u r correct absolutely ......and dats y real treatment lies in the cure of both mind and body...but alas that not the case with present day allopathic treatment which sure only d body nt cure actually but inhibit the disease ,,
    get well soon if need u r sick :)

  2. A very good read. It has made me think about the words you have spoken (If I can trick my mind into believing that I'm not sick, maybe I could trick my body too) Thank you Shai

  3. Saikat: Remember back when we were kids, if we fell down or bumped our head against something, we would immediately want mommy to beat up the wicked ground/wall and it instantly made everything better. :)
    There was no logic to it, but it healed us, psychologically.
    I made a trip to the mall with a friend and am feeling better than ever :D
    The treatment of the mind ultimately falls to us..

  4. Shai: Thank you :) I can assure you that it works, up-to a point, try it some time ;)

  5. Short and True. :) Love the choice of words. :)

  6. laughter is the best medicine bcz it soothes your heart,
    Music heals the body because it gives peace to your mind and you in time forget abut the pain.
    You are right,sickness of the body and mind are two different illness,having different symptoms.

  7. Yes, absolutely Gunjan. Treat the mind, the rest will be taken care of eventually..


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