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What can I say about the shocking incident in Guwahati? You can assume I am saddened, horrified, disgusted and angered. I can pen down a tirade of abuses against the molesters, against the police action and the inaction of the mob assembled around the victim. I can complain about the insensitivity shown by sections of the media and the government bodies. I can express how I loathe stepping out in public after getting to know about incidents like these. I can express sympathy with the poor girl and vow to not rest until justice is achieved. What difference does it make, anyhow? I am just a voice out there,among millions of people who are similarly befuddled, horrified, enraged and ashamed by this and countless many other incidents. I have no idea when and how justice will be brought about. Ay, I have no faith in justice anymore. I do not know how we can ever put an end to this. There is a colossal amount of work to be done there. I do not know if I will live to see a change. What I do know is that a woman has been wronged and I'd weep a silent tear to it. I can only hope she heals, with all the pain our society is going to put her through, I pray she is able to bear it.

It is with respect to this process of healing that I'd like to share about something I came across a few months back.

'Project Unbreakable' was created in  the October of 2011 by Grace Brown. Grace works with survivors of sexual assault, photographing them holding a poster with a quote from their attacker. Through Grace's work, thousands of victims have been able to come forward, discuss their pain and participate in an experience they've titled 'Healing through Art'. Going through the pictures on Tumblr, I was deeply disturbed and at the same time, very moved. Through this initiative, people are getting a chance to speak out, to express themselves and tell their assaulters that they are made of sterner stuff and wouldn't be broken down.

Have a look at Grace's work here:

I think we, as responsible citizens of the country, ought to take inspiration from Grace's beautiful work and set out to make a difference in the lives of those who have been wronged. It won't do to just sit and discuss, act horrified and worked up and then distract yourself to get the images out. It just won't do anymore.

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