The era of the Super Geniuses

There comes a time in a blogger's life when he or she is tracked down by peers in the community and requested to contribute to their websites. The occasion, whenever it comes, is extremely flattering. There you thought that nobody was reading your posts except bots, stalkers and humans with sub-human IQ levels, but, lo, not only are people still alive after bearing the weekly assault on their news feeds, they want me to write more! And with their blessings! So, well, after the celebrations subsided, I happily agreed to write a guest post for Half Baked Beans (the publishing house) blog, Half Baked Voices. Then came the realization: I hardly have any content going around on my blog, from where will I get enough gibberish for theirs? After a lot of hair splitting and coffee brewing, I decided to take a break and watch House. That's where is struck me: House! Sherlock! Dexter! Why did I not think of these gentlemen earlier?

Presenting The Era of the Super Geniuses. Enjoy! :)


  1. Don't know if I quite like having been considered someone with subhuman IQ all this while (And it hurts all the more cos it is possibly true :) ). Good write Medha - maybe, we like these heroes better because they do not make us uncomfortable with the feeling that we ought to be better than we are :)

  2. Ah, forgive my hyperbole there :) Got carried away by the self-deprecatory rant. And, yes, that's it, they're heroes, but also, human.


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