Never Have I Ever II

I was reading through my 'Never Have I Ever' list hopefully, scanning it to cancel out the goals that I had accomplished in the past year but, alas, there were none. I'm so boring. Duh.
If I were in a Bollywood movie, an ever-helpful messiah would have walked in, took my list and said 'here we go baby, let's start with task number one'. Hmm. Maybe I should put that in the wishlist too. :P
Nevertheless, I did manage to update the list and here it goes:

1. Attend a Rock concert dressed up all punk. Don't think that would be possible in Delhi though (Metallica :D haha).

Pangong Lake, Ladakh
2. Visit Ladakh.

3. Ride a bike.

Add these to the eighteen previous unfulfilled wishes and I have twenty one things on my list.
Tall ask, but let's see. Can't stop dreaming.

Never Have I Ever, my earlier post.

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