What to be?

2nd November, 2012- the day I posted something here last. 

Fifteen days without a blog post and I'm feeling jittery- like it's been ages since I produced something worth sharing. It's not that I didn't have anything to write about the past fortnight- with Diwali and the onset of Winter, topics are aplenty and I've had drafts waiting in my outbox since quite some time. But there's the difference between writing and blogging. Writing you can do anytime you feel like it, in any format, on any subject of your whim, but blogging goes beyond that.

Ever since I became a regular blogger (let's say May-June, 2012), I've had a lot of friends come up to me and tell me how they too like to write and have been thinking about starting a blog after seeing mine. On the risk of sounding arrogant, it takes more than just a love for writing to be classified a blogger. Blogging is about writing with a diligent frequency, on topics that might engage an audience of strangers and entertain them enough into visiting again. 

When I started out, writing was just a way of diverting my mind and getting rid of the stress accumulated throughout the day. It was something I could do without getting worked up; a leisure activity. So, I had lots to say, loads of creative energy to channelize. Before I knew it, I was hooked. I became a part of Indiblogger, interacted with a lot of people and the need to keep updating my blog grew so much that I was constantly surfing the blogosphere and looking for challenges. 

Then, there came desperation- I did not know what to do with my blog anymore! I looked at other people's blogs- most of them had an underlying theme, a purpose. I did not have any. I experimented with topics and themes- fiction, poetry, philosophy, memoirs. 
But I still can't figure out what I want this blog to mean to me. So, I figure it's time to take a hiatus. Take a break and come back with some perspective. I really like blogging and I feel it's time to quit fooling around and start doing it the right way. 

So, till I figure out what the right way for me is- Adios!

PS: Suggestions are welcome!


  1. Would have been better if content was split into paragraphs

  2. Well, I would have to disagree- and I hate doing that since this is the first time I have hopped onto your space. But then, not speaking my mind would be a bigger mistake. So...

    I am given to understand that people operate with multiple personalities. Like those from my generation- in office and at home, they are different beings. For those from your generation- in college with friends and with parents at home. Totally different right ?

    But I have always believed, and have seen over the years that those who blur this line of demarcation do mighty well in life. And, I have personally tried to do the same everywhere I have been. So, no. We should 'blog'/'write' without any extra effort. I understand one has the need of being socially acceptable and things like that. But lets face it- that is an impossible proposition :)
    I hope I made a little sense without being preachy, as most of my age-slab tend to be. Take good care young lady ! Will be coming around for more. You have a lovely blog :)

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  4. tatsatji:
    Thanks for visiting my blog! I agree with you. Writing/Blogging should be effortless. That is why I started blogging in the first place! But somewhere down the line I started to worry about 'what would people think', 'what would people say' and the like. Which is why I needed this break. And well, the conclusion I have drawn is that the blog should remain the same- marring a few design and indexing changes.
    Hope to see you soon on this page. :)

  5. Ahh well tatsatji, I think it all somewhere boils down to what exactly we seek to achieve with blogging...A lot of people use it as a tool for some form of emotional release..I use it mainly as a means of playing with the fiction ideas jumping onto my mind...Had it been for the former reason, even I would have felt totally uninhibited while penning the thoughts pounding on my mind..But well,fiction...fiction is kinda meaningless if there are no people to read...isn't it..And then...when you know your work is going to pass through the evaluation filters of your readers, you do tend to get a bit ...how should I put it...cautious...with what you're writing..:-) Just my take on the issue..


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