To be or not to be

Life presents you with a multitude of choices all the time. There's always something to add to your life and then there's also always something waiting just around the corner. Judgements and decisions!

What if it's all a hopeless chase? What if being nice and being good doesn't count for anything, in the end? What if you've got the rules all wrong?

It perplexes me, the battle between right and wrong that keeps playing itself out in my head. It wears me out! Yet, I'm not always aware of it. Tossing and turning every decision to be made, looking at it from everybody's perspective. Yes, it is right to be considerate. But what if that extra time spent in contemplation takes the buzz out of the thing? But, there's one thing that is important. Never apologise for the way you feel. You owe that to yourself.


  1. Mr./ Ms. Anonymous, I couldn't make any sense out of that statement.

  2. The one place it should count is in how it makes you feel about yourself.

  3. Hmm, yes, that's a wise sentence. :)


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