Pluck words to capture the essence
And in your head
Spin them around in rhythm
With a dash of secrecy
And some selected memory
Mix them with an emotion
And churn them in the cauldron
Of soulful contemplation
A phrase or two include
For the surrounding view
As garnishing to the stew

So shelve it out
For the world to see
Here I am: This is me
In the garb of carefully construed poetry

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  1. this is lovely! well written.

  2. And now for poetry; there is a recipe :)

  3. i am confused... is it words of a critic "who want to take easy way to know the mood" or a careful professional cum artist "Who is looking for most important answer of own doubts" ?
    anyway it gives glimpse of freedom and return back to reality..... keep you curious.. that is what a good piece of art needs...


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