Every dog has its day. For mine, that's Everyday.

This maybe no more than a dull ramble to non dog-lovers. Even those friendlier with the canines might find it a bit too 'been there, did that'. But what the hell, i\I just have to write this!The dog wants to be on cyberspace, and since its her day..

I had my first pet at the age of five. Cindy was an extremely loyal, though lethal, Doberman. An excellent watchdog, she died of a snake bite at the age of nine.

And so arrived Her Majesty Caroline.
And thus departed Peace, for Carey is a 'new-age' dog, not your usual 'i'll-sit-by-the-door-and-bark' types, in fact, we had to teach her how to bark!

Oh yes!I'd have to be like "Come on Carey,look!stray cow on the road!Bark!Bark!Dumb Dog!!".
To which, Her Majesty gracefully cocks one ear at me, gives me The Glance, and goes back to chewing whatever she's destroying today..

And it gets stranger. Peeing all over the house,stealing potatoes from the refrigerator, tearing clothes/books/mattresses/you-name-it and chewing on whatever she sees!This one keeps us on our toes!

(though she may help us with disposing off plastic one day,chew chew chew)

Talk of security?this one once freaked out on seeing a cat!And she can't stand thunderstorms, crackers and bizarrely, baraats!

Its not like I'm regretting getting her, she has her good points too!Like trying to keep us in shape by making us chase her when she steals something. Or reminding us we have to get the floor/bedsheet cleaned by doing her daily business on it.

Five and a half years in the running!

A little something for the readers:

Is your dog driving you nuts?
Making you run all over the place in this sultry weather?
Wish it would just calm down?

Switch on the Air Conditioner and watch it snooze stretched over your favorite couch.

I have a theory.
You know how the elder people always keep on complaining about the younger generation?how they're depraved and all that?(kalyug).
It might be true after all.
I mean,LOOK at the dogs this age has produced!


  1. ha ha hilarious u had to teach yr dog how to bark :D
    , maybe thats the reason my mom never allowed me to keep one.....though my fondness for the canines is no less, wish to have a pug sumday..as a pet
    Caroline is a german shepherd ? yet c is scared of cat wow ??

  2. hah! well, the ferocity comes with age (and size) :P
    when she came into our lives, she was just a scrawny little kitten-faced pup..and the cat was a big wild one :D
    even today, she barks only when she feels like it, it's like a leisure activity for her :P every dog comes with it's share of nuances :)


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