Not waiting for my next Birthday.

Last night while hanging out with friends, I started lamenting the fact that my teen years were coming to an end. This was met with a sarcastic look by an older friend. Twenty is not old, he told me.

But, well, it's not young either!
And its gonna bring change with it, sooner or later.

Its not as if I'm against change, I'd welcome it; if it were in my favor. And most of the time, I am able to do that.
But there are things which I've just not been able to handle. Increased duties, for example, mean more stress and less time for whims. And then, as you grow up, the whole web of 'behaving as you're supposed to' becomes tighter. And there you go. Identity crisis. Moral crisis.

I can do with the added workload,the responsibilities, but this 'socially acceptable behaviour' is beyond my comprehension. The norms,customs and yeah, the restrictions. They change YOU. This is the reason why you'll miss childhood. As a child, you were you, free and undaunted, and all the changes that happened were like nutrition for your soul. But somewhere down the line, the spirit gets corrupted. Aliens invade.
Viral attack. And my body's reactions have been severe. Withdrawal from public life, despondency, unexplained depression..
Its not maturity that I lack.
Just courage,for the fear of losing myself makes me weak.

Self-Preservation is the art to be mastered.

Till then,I'm not looking forward to February.


  1. Ah Medha, you can't lose yourself as long as you know, want and feel.

  2. yes,i'll be me,'til i start denyin what i know,takin what i don't want nd feelin what i can't..

  3. Agree with first comment. But the post was well-written - short, but one of the few posts I have read written straight from the heart.
    How come I didn't know you're a blogger as well! I just came across the blog link when I had opened your FB profile.

  4. thanks :)
    i just created this blog out of boredom in th summer..wasn't much 'proclaimin' to be done..:p

  5. this is an old post written sum 2 yrs back..... :D :P
    but amazingly its relevant in every teenagers life..., hope u r enjying yr post teen ...
    but one thing if u can actually pay absolutely no heed to whatever society hav to say....u wll certainly lead a happy life..
    nxt tym just tell dat Mr/Mrs.Mindingothersbusiness to just @#$k off :)
    happy post teenage

  6. Interestingly enough, I've seen myself grow-up in a way these past years. The change has been very subtle, it's only when I read all that I had thought about back then do I realize that, whether I like it or not, maturity is happening. But thankfully, I have gained the courage to not be scared about it any more. :)

  7. I remember when I was a teen, this thought had crossed. Then I thought I should grow up fast as I wanted to do certain things on my own. No point in resisting change. Lets make the best of our time.

  8. It took me time to realize that change is good. :)


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