Save thy Soul

I'm losing a part of me. Not just any part, it's the one that describes my very essence. Can't figure out a way to hold it, to be. The unthinkable has happened. I'm letting myself become engulfed in the crowd. Swallowed to the point of not being able to turn back.
I've always loved myself foremost. And I've always also had reason to do so. I've prided in living by myself, my ideals and judgement alone. People have come and gone, and I've found precious ones. But never,in the process have I compromised my integrity. I've been brave enough to let go and walk alone.
That was the me I adored.
Now it's just bits and pieces.
I no longer create or evolve, just 'do' to obtain sanction.
There comes a point in our lives when we realize we're not even half of what we'd dreamt to be.
This is mine.


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