Mother's Day

It's the eighth of May and popular culture tells me to celebrate it as Mother's Day. But as luck would have it, I've not been able to be with my mother to celebrate this day for quite some years now! Nevertheless, I've sent her cards and stuff, but this time round, I want to do something more special. I want to really, really tell her how much she means to me. So, I'm gonna write.

My mother is, undoubtedly, the most beautiful woman I've ever known. I do not say this in attempts of flattery, I have, truthfully admired her straight features, light brown eyes and the near-perfect smile. She is right there as a benchmark of beauty for me.

I may never have realized it, but she set the foundation for the values I have today. She has been responsible for my social and emotional growth. I have always been a quiet kid, never opening up and being too much involved in my own thoughts. My mother has always been understanding of this behavior and accepted it, given me space to foster and grow at my own pace.

One important piece of advice she's given me is to be an independent woman, emotionally as well as financially. And then, she has stood up right there as an inspiration. Working round the clock, attending to her patients in the middle of the night and still not missing any household duty. How she manages it all, I have no idea, but I'm more than willing to imbibe and learn. She's my superwoman. Even now whenever I go home, she's always on her toes trying to help me out with all my chores and I try to stop her from doing that, citing the fact that I'm all grown up now, but she never listens. I guess this hopeless doting is a part and parcel of motherhood. Can't complain :)

It's difficult staying away from home, especially when you live in a family as tight and small as mine. I know it would be harder upon her, spending time in the house by herself, but she is strong, which helps me stay strong and survive out here.

The other thing I totally admire about mother is her wisdom and intelligence. Never one to participate in idle gossip, she listens me out and then passes her verdict, her very accurate analysis on what to focus on and what to just forget about and let be. But it's not as if she thinks me less of an adult. No decision is taken in the house without my parents consulting me and asking for my honest opinions. Talk about cultivating confidence :)

Being the talented doctor that she is, she's always lecturing me on the pros and cons of my food/sleep/study/activity habits. Now, I may get irritated at first with the sermons but at the end of the day, I know I have learned something that would make my life better. And it does. She's revolutionized the food habits of the family so much so that we're pseudo-health freaks now :)

That was all about mother. But no mention of Mother's Day shall be complete without three other wonderful ladies in my life- my Taijis and Bua. Growing up in a joint family, I'd always felt the love and attention of not one, but three others. My Taijis were always there, appreciating me for my achievements and offering solid pieces of advice otherwise. Oh, and not to mention the yummy food they've always doled out from their kitchens, filling me and my cousins to the hilt. I salute the two ladies, I really do, for their courage and strength.

Now to Bua, the eldest of the family but sadly, living very far away from us. Nevertheless, she always makes her presence felt as the eldest and it's always a delight talking to her online or on the phone. She is one of those people who can just make you feel how much they love you with just a single 'hi'.

To all of these lovely ladies, all I have to say is that I love you and keep shining as beacons of light in my life.

Happy Mother's Day.


  1. Very nicely written:) The post portrays immense love which we all have for our mother's. Great job just stop by your blog

  2. Thanks Tanya :) It feels good to express your feelings towards family.

    Thanks for stopping by- my blog's all yours to explore :)

  3. A well worded and appropriate appreciation for a mother. Nicely done. :)


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