Something positive for the road

A month back, my laptop gave up it's electronic soul and departed to techie-heaven.

It was Saturday, it had rained all day and despite the weather, I had sat in the library all day, slogging through textbooks. I had decided to reward myself for all the hours put into work throughout the week by a quiet weekend with my laptop, working on my blog and watching episodes of all the series I have become addicted to. But, you know, if there's a god, it's a sadist one because when I got back to my room and switched on the little blue machine- it just beeped and died, right there, on my bed. My paranoia knew no bounds! I tried resuscitating it, plugged it to life support, gave it a few electric shocks...but, nothing. Once I got over the 'this can't be happening' phase, I called up some geeks for help. Hardware malfunction. Something to do with RAM and motherboard. But, don't worry, they said, it'll get fixed in a jiffy. So, weekend ruined, I started hunting for laptop technicians and repair centres. The very next day, I shipped it off for repairing with the first names that showed up on the search page. I was impatient: I cannot survive without my machine, I told myself. Then there was work to be done- blogs, CVs, on-line tests...

A week went by.
I sent it to another place.
Two more weeks went by, excruciatingly slow and painful- my patience was wearing thin. Everyday I'd call up my dad and shout on the phone, complain about the inadequacy of the men at the service centre.
They were saying it was irreparable, my heart was breaking. I would have to buy a new one.

One fine day, however, we got through to the manufacturers (by showing them a dollop of notes, obviously) and they sent their specially trained technicians to my place. He brought parts for replacement, one for every day of the week he came.

And viola!Now, I have a brand new system. Motherboard, RAM, graphics card, processor, daughterboard, cover, screen- you name it.
Haha. Who would have thought I'd end up on the receiving end of this deal!

Moral of the story:

Patience is a virtue. Good things come to those who wait.

Sometimes, you have to let the little things go wrong for something much bigger and better to come your way.

Don't lose hope :)


  1. Nice one..'do not loose hope' is the keyword..:D

  2. Daughter-board... ROFL!
    And well cannot survive without a machine.Congrats on the resurrection of your laptop :)

  3. Yes, of course, Ranita :)

    Rinaya: You're telling me there's no such thing as a daughterboard? :O I saw it, the technician pointed to it and said he'd be replacing it :P Resurrection? It's more like a re-birth :D

  4. Patience indeed has its virtues wherever warranted. There are times though when more animal instincts drive the service centres harder!

  5. Mmm! You can add another adage to the list - "God moves in mysterious ways His wonders to perform"

    Hilarious, Medha!

  6. I would if I weren't so resolutely atheist :D

    Thanks for the feedback!

  7. haha.. know the feeling.. i used to keep my old trusty Dell for studying *downloading tv sitcoms* all night long for months... one fine day, the fan melted. Yes, melted. The days till it got repaired were pure torture.. it was like watching a recovering crystal meth addict from a movie :D

  8. Lovely message.Your optimism is addictive.:-)

    I loved you blog name!

    P.s.: Its my first time here.But I already love what I see.

    My world, my thoughts, my musings...

  9. Roshan Radhakrishnan: Yeah, I was using it for the exact same purpose and I think the graphics card got damaged :P Nice metaphor there...the wait was full of dread..

    Upasana: Thank you so much :) I hope you keep coming back :D

  10. We have gotten so used to these gadgets that it is difficult to imagine how we survived before their onslaught.

  11. The only reason I was so anxious on getting my laptop fixed was the sitcom I hooked to. :D

  12. ummm methinks we have a lot in common beside "everybody lies" t-shirt! could not add on fb so reached here to see ur awesome posts :)

  13. Thank you for stopping by Tushar :)

  14. well soulmates are not easy to find and i could see a lot in u.. btw, wont b having time to follow all the stuff. nice anyway :)

  15. Hey Tushar, don't mind my saying this, but internet is not the place to look for soul mates. Also, it is naive to imagine that your soul mate will have everything in common with you.
    Thank you for visiting my site.


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