I looked at you, felt nothing
Rebuked myself
Tried stirring up a storm
Resuscitate the fire of emotion
Love Anger Hate Pain
But they vanished at the first touch

I'm dry and cold
Eyes dim and my head is closed
I looked at you, looked through you
You may be air
Silence chokes my gut
Exudate sounds, then words

I'm only hoping you can forgive
This lapse of affection
When darkness falls the flower folds
And spends the night in indifference
So will I hibernate
In the regime of my voids


  1. An emotive piece, but time heals...:) Lovely

  2. Very sad thoughts medha-there must be reason for love turning cold,seeing this the other person ought to make amends.

  3. No, it's not usually the fault of other's...I find this indifference intrinsic and frequent..


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