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Youth Against Apocalypse
18th July 2011,New Delhi

Predictions of Apocalypse in 2012 has caused great uproar among the youth of the nation. The youngsters in delhi,specifically students of Delhi University, are planning to go on a protest against it, for want of a better thing to do. Students from different parts of India, including Mumbai, Hyderabad, Patna and Bengaluru are also pledging their support to the protest in Delhi. In all,a total of around 2 lakh students are expected to show up in Delhi and around 2000 of them are expected to turn up at the candle light rally at India Gate. Invites have been sent out on social networking site Facebook (check your inbox).
Leading the agitation is 22yr old Shahrukh Roshan(name changed) from SRCC. 'My fight is against those astrologers,religious scholars and filmmakers who are spreading propaganda about the world ending in 2012. Why,I ask them,could they not have come up with their reports a few years earlier? I could've had a decent childhood. Do they even have any idea about the cut-offs at SRCC?' He's furious.
Farhan Qureshi(name changed), a first year student at St.Stephen's, though, has a completely different viewpoint 'I demand the Government of India to do something about this! We just can't let the world end! I mean I've tried so hard and got so far, don't tell me that in the end, it doesn't even matter! Where is NASA and all-powerful USA when you need them? Why aren't they doing something about it? Where is superman goddammit!! I protest! What happened to my right to life??'
News of the agitation has brought response in the form of a series of tweets from the bollywood community. Actor Imran Khan has lashed out at the system for 'playing a ridiculous game with the youth of the nation.'
Ram Gopal Verma is planning to make a movie on it. He tweets,'I want to capture the emotions of the youth who are fighting against apocalypse. This film will be a psychological study on student life.'
Scientists and Manmohan Singh are still maintaining that there's nothing to worry about and that the situation is 'under control'.
But Gayatri Devi (name changed again), alumni of St.Xavier's, Mumbai, exclaims,'How can we not worry?First the earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan, then the freak floods and fires..and even Rajnikanth got admitted to the hospital!the world is ending..'.

Anna To Join Protest
Anna Hazare has lashed out at the congress for intentionally delaying the drafting of the lokpal bill to january 2013. 'The congress is playing dirty games, they know that the world is coming to an end in 2012 and so they have postponed the date for the Lokpal Bill. I'm going on an anshan against this decision! They should either do something about the apocalypse or prepone the date. Citizens,get ready for another battle for Independence!',he was quoted as saying.
Swami Ramdev was, however, unavailable for comment. It seems he has left the country for a vacation on his island. How long this vacation is intended to last,nobody knows.

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