Hello!hello my friends!Am i the only one feeling the morning chill?Or is winter knocking?
Winter, beautiful, serene winter. Harbinger of ends and new beginnings, of the new year. My pagan self relates winter to a period of contemplation, hibernation, finding out what went wrong, and emerging a fixed person in Spring.
That was for the philosophy.
Now, winter!
The only time of the year I can stay out in the Sun and soak in its warmth!Lay leisurely on the grass,watch the brown-ed trees,feel the Sun on my back..

Of all the festivals we celebrate this season, I like christmas the best-I just love the decorations, the christmas tree and the cakes. When I was in school, it was the only festival we celebrated..spending days decorating our classrooms and then exchanging gifts with our friends. It was special, since it marked the end of the term and the start of winter holidays.
Oh,winter holidays!Bless college life for still giving me those. Twenty days of pure nothing-to-do-ness!Sleeping till late in my comfy bed, waking up to steaming hot coffee and then rushing to the balcony to spend some time in the Sun.
Winter food-makke ki roti, sarso ka saag, gajjak, dried fruits-all of those yummy things that keep you warm, winter clothes-your chance to be creative, colorful.
Though there's no season I detest, I love no other as dearly as winter!
I don't mind the chill, I don't mind the winds or the fog, it's all part of the fairytale image I have of winter in my mind.
Evem though it's only October and the north westerlies are yet to do their bit, I'm up and excited with a broad smile on my face to welcome my favourite time of the year.


  1. I am feeling the chill during my late evening walks. Winter has arrived and soon we would need to pick up wollen clothes.

  2. Slightly chilly here in the mornings.I too love the winter season.The fog of early mornings in Delhi -it is so enjoyable,smells so nice!

  3. Winter's pretty rudely interrupted us this time.




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