Driven by Beauty

A seagull flies across the faded blue of the sky. It's bright white wings contrasting sharply with the colour of the sky. I watch it flap it's way against the wind current. Faltering, yet strong. Somewhere in the distance, a peahen makes it's call. Another returns it from the other side. The Sun announces it's exit. The Moon hides behind the clouds but betrays it's presence with a glimmer of silver.

No matter how stressed or restless I am, I find it exceedingly difficult to be angry with the world when I'm here. Gazing into the green fields or the multi-hued evening sky. Listening to the world wrap up and prepare for the night. The birds with their fomartions of V flying into the horizon, calling it a day. The bats coming out to claim the night. The sky changing it's nature and the stars peeping out. The stars are the best companions. Always there, never changing more than their position. Then there is Carey, always urging me on with a game of football or fetch. Another wonder of nature.

This is my ritual. Spending time on the terrace every time I'm home. Nobody understands the peace it gives me. No, I do not come here to ponder on deep spiritual or philosophical questions. Those, in my opinion, our best left to the shower. I only come here to observe the world around me. Take in it's beauty and feel one with it. I come here to write, sometimes, when I'm really restless. I come here to play and run with my dog. To get wet in the Monsoon showers. To take pictures of the evening sky. To sunbathe in the Winter.

I come here because it's just so beautiful.


  1. I liked the images and the brief but sweet description written alongside about them. A nice post! :)

  2. Images could have been better. Hope you're planning to invest in a better camera...

  3. Thank you so much Vaishali!

    Srinidhi Hande : My apologies! I usually do not include self-clicked photographs on my blog, this is the second such post. I generally suck at taking pictures and can never understand the technical aspects. But, yes, I hope I will improve with a better camera. Thanks for stopping by.

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