Why my playlist is so 'outdated'

A recent study stated that all pop music was the same. The verdict was based on analysis of patterns in tunes, symphonies and lyrics. They pointed out that current music is just getting louder and louder without any attention to detail. It's becoming a war of who makes the most noise, much like the emerging social trend of who drives the flashiest cars. I could not agree more. I feel like I don't belong to this generation, based on music ideologies. Music is an amalgamation of thought, words, vocals, rythmn and beats. Today, I feel, the stress is more on creating beats fit for a dance floor and a catchy tune. Fifteen writers sit to write a song that, not judging the lyrical quality, does not even make sense. How am I supposed to understand to tolerate that when I have the works of a Lennon or a Waters at my disposal?

Add to that the manipulation provided by the electronics revolution. The so-called techno-music. I'm not against it but there has got to be a justified usage. Mostly, technology is being used to lift riffs and sequences from old music, modifying it and pasting it in a new product. Remixes and shameless Pritam-istic copying being referred to here.
The biggest regret I have is that I'm not able to find a contemporary band I can relate to and follow. To me music is more about feeding the soul than just feeding your brain cells. I am a person who cries unabashed listening to Clapton's 'Tears in Heaven' and feels the angst of unrequited love in Pearl Jam's 'Black'. Led Zeppelin's 'Kashmir' sends me to a state of bliss, where I can imagine myself surrounded by the wonders of Nature. The examples are countless. I know I'm not the only one feeling this way. With the city's radio channels playing classic music most of the day, I can guess that I'm not the only one missing music as it used to be. Those music sessions are like a journey, one that involves both body and mind. While today, the only thing I can compare the music with is fast food. Providing instant gratification without adding any value to your life. Just something you pop in when feeling the need to be entertained. Even Rock is not the same anymore.
The music of a generation speaks volumes about it's ideologies and lifestyles. The adulation of violence, the bling and glitz, the bizarre dresses and the need for attention I'm seeing around today makes me wonder what mess we're heading into. I fear for the coming generation. Hope they get to know what it's like to lose yourself in one of Gilmour's solos.


  1. Yeah, There is rarely any depth in the lyrics nowadays. Anyways, today it's all about marketing. Good hard lyrics, meaning full music usually get funked up by all the advertising drivel. Have you heard -- Blackfield. I think you should try it.

  2. Blackfield? No, I've never heard of them. Genre?

  3. How old are you? I have heard and read on a couple of occasions that most people stop liking new music after they turn 25 years of age.
    That, in general, applies to me although I have since developed a fondness of Hindi film music--especially of those of A.R. Rahman.

  4. I'm a few years shy of that age. But I've been listening to the same people since so many years now..

    A.R. Rahman is one of the best, ever. I always look forward to his music.

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