Today is meaningless. Today does not exist. Today I'm anchorless. Guided by instinct. I have no plans. I have no ideas. I have no will to act on my duties. Today I want to waste. Today I want to sit by the window and smell the air. Today I want to immerse myself in words and queer thoughts. I want to feel my brain drown and swirl down in the waters of feeling, poetry and emotion. Today I don't want to be rigid. Today is the day strange things happen. Today is when I stop thinking. I see the brown curtains and the yellow painted walls. I see the colours merge as the wind blows over the curtains. I see myself sitting with a cushion. I see myself separated. My hands move on their own. My eyes dart about. My feet are still and grounded. My mind wanders and directs me words and I write them. Today mind and body are not one. Today I could not wake up on time, the alarm did not ring. It was strange. Then I had a call from a friend I had not spoken with since a long time. It was stranger. At breakfast, I realised- today was not to be. Today is abstract- it has no form. Today just happened- it has no design. Today happened because the universe plays dice. My self is negligible to the universe- it did not care that I can not be like a human today. So, today happened. But it's meaningless to me.


  1. Abstract but you ended up writing a good post. BTW, even I want to do this, 'I want to feel my brain drown and swirl down in the waters of feeling, poetry and emotion. '

  2. "My self is negligible to the universe".. what a profound statement Medha!

    In an supposed to be abstract writing, you have pushed through some profound statements. Wish we realise that we are not the masters of the universe. Else, we keep on exploiting mother earth as if there is no tomorrow...

  3. Thanks Saru :) Try reading Virginia Woolf's 'The Waves' for the above mentioned effects :D

    Sabyasachi Patra: We are hardly masters of our own lives, let alone the fate of the universe. It is easy to subject animals to our dominance, using guns and weapons and what not- making us feel like masters for that fleeting moment..


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